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Tuesday, October 20

sort & divide everything in to classes

Try to sort & divide everything in to classes then you can mix & match the max and min in every class , to combine classes even more.

Hence it's also easy to test the inverse of your strategy , and also pic Heuristically !

1.1 max to min

2.1 max
2.2 min
2.3 Heuristically give it your own twist
2.4 Regression 

4.Apply your objective !
4.1 Risk adverse pessimistic, max to min
4.2 Risk junky optimistic, max to min
4.3 Heuristically give it your own twist max to min

5. Min Of max would be Class MIN with MAX return (min regret)

Monday, October 19

Basel3 = Domino3

#Basel3 is a complete disaster, why ? because it's to static & when there is a storm , both numerator and denominator moves causing acceleration in system ! Are THESE PEOPLE REALLY the guys running the show ? BUT when U know how things is constructed, you can #target & #profit from that insanity ! JUST #TRADE IT !

Longterm investing, Risk definition, conservative

Define risk in terms of a worst case scenario for two

1. Symmetric risk measures is undesirable thus:. Positive deviations of returns from their means should not be considered as risk.
- As volatility implies. 

2. Considering risk as measured by worst case scenarios is seasonable ! 
-An investor is much more "fear full" in shaky seasons.
Consider the highest realized loss to be the risk that matters most.

Gives us the OBJECTIVE:
-Build strategy that applies this risk measure for long term portfolio optimization.

Work path:
-Find and sort different mathematical risk measure tools, evaluate pros and cons.
-Brainstorm ways of applying these,(during a jog, sail, skii or a wine & beer evening).
-Evaluate all ideas, proceed with 2, the least & most logical.


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