Good stats and more:

Useful page full of statistics, you can browse the raw materials, facts about countries and import / export

Federal Housing Finance Agency
USA House Price Indexes

M1 Money Multiplier MULT
A low value indicates low lending but that there is a lot of money, usually around 2-3

SCB visar KPI, HKPI 
Swedish Inflation

Swedbanks/Silfs Inköpschefsindex PMI
Swedish. Published on the first weekday of each month at 08:30 am. Index above 50 indicates growth in the industry. Over 50 means a decline.

Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australia inflation

Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australia House Price Indexes

Singapore statistics
Check Highlights of Monetary and Financial Developments

Reuters shows Open Interest and Net positions
How are investors positioned Long or Short (ie where the market is leaning) and how many are there (the strength of what is to be done)

Commitments of Traders COT
What do non-commercial and commercials? Check the Current Legacy Reports and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, click on the short format.

Commitment of Traders COT
Fler men saknar OI Open Interest

Investor Sentiment
What do the pros, sometimes it pays to be contrarian, or you are trend follower?

Spannmålsinfo sverige

Sweden Grain info 

Bull and Bear Index USA

ETF Width

Baltic Dry Freight Index
Falling freight rates may signal a coming decline.

China Freight prices
Allt som produceras måste transporteras !

SNP 500 vs Put/Call ratio
rising ratio of the market is facing a trip down (look at the bottom formation on the move up), declining ratio market face a trip up (look at top formation on the move down), compares the extreme points in the put / call 200-MA. Compare with a momentum indicator and price

SNP 500 vs 10day highs minus lows

What happens to the USD versus EURO, USD, GBP, JPY, AUD: they work synchronously, or?

Google Trend

Good site to google code words such as safe haven, gold, bull bear
Shows what web visitors searching for words.

Bloomberg Economic calendar

Kiel Institute for the world economy
German statistics

När händer det ?

US stat
Check Float on shares, low float shares are moving quickly, high float good to swing and position trading. Look up the shares in Key Statistics box.
Yahoo stock screener
US screener
World stock screener
Scandinavian och UK
Ok, not great
Yahoo finance GB

Chart patterns
Thomas Bulkowski’s Great guy ! 

Gold and silver blog

Harvey Organ

Forecast Rate, Oil and Index

Someone has the magic ball !
Contrarian blogg
If you dare ! 

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