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Turn your sorrows into treasured gold!
Learn why is psychology so important to traders? Learn to think in probabilities and be a winner! system is the basis of our trading machine. It is the basis for every individual who wants to make bigger and better profits consistently, all with less stress. This is not a technical workshop with lots of figures and analysis, but rather an exploration of the underlying role personal psychology plays in trading success. Most people will not make an effort to understand the psychology of trading.

- Those people who do make the effort create an edge in the markets.

Ayn Rand Objectivist Epistemology

Why is psychology so important to traders? Most importantly, the human brain is wired so that the average person is prone to act badly without ever understanding why. Psychology means more in regards to revenue than perhaps in any other activity.
-Learn to think in probabilities and be a winner!
If that sounds odd, consider this:
-Without a proper mental approach to trading, a few trades provide mediocre results and also large losses. Why? In large part, it is about an aspect of psychological performances.
-You deal with YOUR beliefs about the market.
Your eyes are filters to reality. Any statement you make is believing. Your beliefs about yourself determine your self-esteem and who you think you are. Thus, you create what you believe and defend this vigorously.
Two key sets of beliefs determine your trading and results:
YOUR beliefs about yourself,YOUR beliefs about the market.
The question for all traders to answer is: "Which of my thoughts are correct and useful?" Until you have your own useful beliefs, you cannot make it in trading. It's that simple.

Do you know what you really think about the market? Are your beliefs useful? How do you limit the up? If it’s  not useful, can you find more useful ones to replace them?

Most people do not bother to make such judgments. They do not even understand that their faith affects their trade so strongly. You must identify and understand your beliefs about yourself and the market to shop well. You are not your faith, but it can control you if you do not handle them.
When you identify useful market faith, YOU must develop a trading system that fits those beliefs. Designing or developing a system without understanding the beliefs on which it relies is a recipe for disaster.
-Are you ready to evaluate your beliefs?

- Evaluate your beliefs about trading and yourself, so that you can exercise your faith and DROP those who are holding you back.
- Learn how to control the entire process towards YOUR goals.
- Find the key ingredient most traders and investors are missing: goals that will make you feel comfortable financially.
- Create a business plan with trading strategies that are compatible with the big picture.
- Develop plans for unforeseen things and minimize risks to your trades, so you can sleep well.

- Discover how to use the strength of your personality type and lessen your personal challenges to improve your trading.
- Learn to cultivate the most important setting required for successful trading.
You have to drill down into the issues, such as:
- Your trading goals
- Your involvement
- Your strengths and challenges of trades
- What should be included in your trading business
- Which markets and how these correlate
- Strategies for trading in your chosen markets
- How you will achieve YOUR goals
- Psychological effects of your trade
When YOU look at your business and say, "I created these results," YOU are responsible for the process. If YOU do not like the results, YOU can start evaluating the mistakes YOU made. When YOU find the key mistakes that actually produced your results, “you” can make changes and get better results. That is why YOU personally are responsible for YOUR evaluation.


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Provides trading systems, training & strategies. Indices, stocks, commodities. Teknisk aktieanalys med strategi. TWITTER @VonAnka_se


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